Irrational Games is Hiring


Submitted by Ali Hinton

Here at Irrational Games we can boast about taking gaming innovation to the next level. Our recent success at the EEE saw us take out the much coveted 'Game of the Show' award for Bioshock from IGN, Gamespot and Gamespy. IGN also saw fit to dub us their 'Developer of the Year 2005'.This is the type of exposure and experience you can share by joining our award winning team in our Australian Studio.

Based in the heart of Australia's national capital, Canberra, we are experiencing booming success in the industry and due to this growth we are in need of a number of talented and passionate individuals to join us.

As a producer here at Irrational, you will be responsible for supervising a development team to deliver a game on schedule, on budget and to quality. You will also be responsible for liaising with the publisher or distribution partner and other third parties.

Character Concept Artist
You will have worked in a similar role on a recent game, film or TV show and should have work that demonstrates an outstanding ability to deliver stylistically and technically excellent creature & character designs that focus on creativity, plausible anatomy and ideas that will work beyond a simple sketch. You will be able to demonstrate skills from rough staging sketches through to painted reference that our art team can work from. The ability to work to a brief and follow a tight process without compromising the core ideas is also essential.

Senior Designer
At Irrational we take game design very seriously. You should be familiar with the current state of the art in game design across a wide range of genres on both PC and console. You should be capable of analysing and critiquing game designs and using that analysis to inform your own design sensibilities. We expect you to be familiar with Irrational products and be able to speak critically about them.

Visual FX Coder
You must have a superb knowledge of C/C++, OO principles, shader language and general rendering technologies that has been demonstrated in recently released console titles.
An acute understanding of the 3D graphics research areas including particles, fluid, fog, cloth and screen space effects along with how to utilize and optimize these technologies in games is essential.

For more details and requirements of these positions, and the contact address for Irrational Games Australia, please click on the following link,,,