Job Listing for Madcap Studios

Job Position: 

Madcap Studios P/L in Alexandria (Inner Sydney) has been around for four years now and has established new heights in quality of performance capture and delivery. We're seeking the services of a talented, hard-working, self-starting motion capture cleanup artist to join our team on a permanent basis.

They would be involved in capturing and cleaning up any of the hundreds of different motions that we deal with, from martial arts and gunplay to dance, drama and footy.

Desirable qualities (decending order of importance):
- Two years experience with biped and familiarity with Maya (other 3D programs a bonus).
- Programming/scipting knowledge, excellent technical ability and problem solving skills.
- Attention to detail and a desire to produce the highest quality work.
- Ability to work in a small team (flexibility, responsibility, organisational skills).
- Ability to work to deadlines, willingness to work overtime when required.
- Previous experience with motion capture/ Keen interest in motion capture.
- Good communication skills and presentation tempered with easy going attitude and sense of humour.
- Acting/martial arts/performance ability.

Please send CV's to .