THQ Studio Australia hiring Programmers and Designers


THQ Studio Australia, based in sunny Brisbane, Australia, is a developer and publisher of interactive entertainment software. Founded in January 2003 as part of THQ Inc., THQ Studio Australia now employs more than 90 talented staff developing on all major console platforms, including Microsoft Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Nintendo Wii. Forthcoming releases include a next-gen 3rd person action/shooter using a world-class brand, and Avatar: The Burning Earth for Playstation 2, Nintendo Wii and Microsoft Xbox 360.

Brisbane is famous for its great weather, relaxed lifestyle, and friendly people. It´s within this young, energetic and growing city that THQ Studio Australia has created its own friendly and professional environment, creating globally competitive products for the world´s biggest markets.

Lead Engine Programmer (defining tools and technology for the company’s next-generation games)
Game Programmer (working on an intense third-person shooter-brawler)
Engine Programmer
Lead Designer (working on an intense third-person shooter-brawler)
Senior Level Designer (working on an intense third-person shooter-brawler)