Game design intern position with The Voxel Agents

Job Position: 

The Voxel Agents are looking for a game design intern.

Do you like experimentation? Do you find design docs boring? Great! We do too. Come join us!

* Experience NOT necessary.

Because CVs can't demonstrate your designer "awesome" we will be running a small game design challenge where you will use our in-house tools to develop level concepts for Train Conductor. We will use the results of the game design challenge, your fit within the team and the games (released or not) that you've developed to make a decision on who to bring into the team.

The internship will run from the start of November to the end of December. We are flexible on times and dates, but ideally 2 days a week would be a good commitment. You will need to work with us in the office in Melbourne city. The intern will receive a financial stipend for their efforts at the end of the internship.

On-going employment is possible, but we're experimenting with having another designer in the small team and we're not sure if it will work. Join us if you love making games, would love to see how we do it and want to put your name on a game. Either way, it will be fun!

We will be drinking lots of coffee in the week of 25th October meeting the best candidates.

Please send your CV and cover letter explaining your skills as a designer to Please state in your email whether you are comfortable waiving your copyrights to the level design concepts you make for Train Conductor in the game design challenge. We're just protecting ourselves here from being sued. If you have a brilliant level idea, we'll probably choose you and you'll get to make it for real. If you're happy to waive your copyright, we will send you complete instructions on what to do for the challenge. The challenge will take about 4 hours of your time and you will have until the 25th to complete it.



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Because we want to start meeting people on the 25th of October, you will need to email me asap. I will send the challenge straight back to you.

Let me clarify: Professional experience isn't necessary, but game development IS necessary. You must have made a game before, and it can be developed by yourself or in a group, and be unreleased. I want to see the games you've made, so send them thru. Study in the area will obviously be looked on favourably, but what you've made is most important.

When you email, please include:
- cv
- cover letter explaining your skills as a designer
- the games you've made (preferably playable - so send me the game, or show me a video of the game, or screenshots with explanations. I'd rather not receive design docs... unless they will blow my mind with awesome).