Lead Artist opening at The Voxel Agents

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The Voxel Agents are pleased to announce that we are looking for a full-time lead artist to join our small team to set the style for our upcoming games.The Voxel Agents are an up-and-coming game studio dedicated to creating unique and original game experiences. In 2009 we developed the hit iPhone game Train Conductor, and in 2010 we're aiming to grow bigger and better. We believe in an iterative and collaborative approach to game development, and we are constantly prototyping new ideas.

We're looking for a creative, flexible and motivated artist, ideally with a broad skill-set. As an artist at The Voxel Agents, you will be able to get your hands dirty in all aspects of development; from concept, right through to production and promotional materials. Additionally, as the fourth member of our team you would participate in brainstorming new ideas and be able to contribute greatly to game design.

We're passionate about small, addictive, casual games with pick-up-and-play appeal. If you love short-burst play, we will get on famously.

Our games are primarily 2D in nature, so skills creating sprites, animations and particles are desired (but not required).

Regular face-time is important to us, so work is full-time and on-site only. Remuneration TBD.

Send your portfolio to matt@thevoxelagents.com


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Perhaps I should just add that we're still a very young (and very indie) company, so while the work is always fun and interesting, the pay isn't huge (yet). If you're saving for a porsche, then this is probably the wrong job for you :)
Matthew Clark - The Voxel Agents