Lead Level Designer opening at Electronic Arts Australia

Job Position: 

Location: Australia - Melbourne
Role: Game Designer
Specialty: Level Designer

Who are EA?

Electronic Arts (EA) is the world's leading independent developer and publisher of interactive software games that are playable by consumers on devices, such as in-home video game players (such as the Sony PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 3, Microsoft Xbox and Xbox 360 and Nintendo GameCube (consoles); personal computers (PCs); mobile platforms, including handheld video game players (such as the PlayStation Portable (PSP), Nintendo DS and Game Boy Advance), cellular handsets, and online, over the Internet and other online networks. The Company publishes interactive software games for multiple platforms.

The company's games are developed in EA Studios and in conjunction with EA Partners around the world and are directly marketed on a global scale in more than 30 countries.
Revenues are close to US$3 Billion with more than 8,000 employees in 26 different countries.

What is EA looking for?
A sharp, ambitious, visionary Lead Level Designer to join our staff. The ideal candidate will have at least 4-6+ years experience in game design. The Lead Level Designer is responsible for creating and maintaining the level design vision in support of the overall product vision.

Core Responsibilities?

- Work with Producer and other Leads to drive the team's understanding of the project's vision.
- Develop and maintain level design documentation, including but not limited to mechanics, guidelines, and mission outlines.
- Contribute by bringing new ideas to the table in regards to every facet of the game: mechanics, story, missions, and more.
- Coordinate with Leads to ensure that level design documentation and implementation are realistic and remain on schedule; participate in regular, hands-on interaction with Producer and Software Engineers to ensure that the concepts and content of assigned games meet design requirements.
- Ensure that prototypes are developed.
- Lead assigned design team to define the creative vision, technical specifications, fun factor and product content for assigned products.
- Establish, maintain and enhance relationships with inside and outside creative resources.

What technical skills and experience do I need?

- Various levels of education will be considered coupled with a minimum of 3-5 years level design experience in the video game industry.
- Experience with mission / level scripting, including AI, in-game interactive sequences, puzzles, objectives etc
- Excellent interpersonal, writing and communication skills.
- Proven leadership and mentorship abilities; able to focus and work without micro-managing design team.
- Ability to design within existing game design and fiction to create new systems, missions, and freeplay.
- Passion for and broad knowledge of various genres & games on different platforms, with an ability to critically analyze them.
- Exhibit good comprehension of gameplay values and spatial reasoning.
- Absorption and continuous learning of all fields related to level design, staying in tune with trends and products emerging in the gaming marketplace.
- Teamwork - ability to work in and lead teams of individuals from a variety of functional areas.
- Mentorship - share knowledge of company/project technology to create a framework where others can contribute ideas and processes.
- Experience with 3D suites (Max, Maya, MissionMan, QeRadiant etc.) for creating game missions and environments.

Why should I join the tEAm?

- Challenging and rewarding work
- Fantastic tEAm
- Flexible Working Hours
- Competitive Salary
- Bonus
- Annual Leave Loading
- Stock
- Superannuation
- Death and Total and Permanent Disability Insurance
- Salary Continuance Insurance
- Free and Discounted Games
- Sabbatical
- Christmas Shut Down
- Employee Stock Purchase Plan
- Tuition Reimbursement
- Employee Assistance Program

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Apply here: https://jobs.ea.com/myEA/profile.aspx?action=apply&postid=a0z50000000GtkQ