Lead Action Designer wanted at Micro Forte Sydney!

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Submitted by Micro Forte

Lead Action Designer

Xbox Action-MMP
An awesome action massively multi-player game is coming to the Xbox! Do you have what it takes to define a new genre and create a bestselling title?
This is a rare opportunity to be involved in creating action style game play in the context of a massively multiplayer world. You will work closely with the Lead MMP Designer to define combat mechanics, understand the impact of character progression on the core mechanics, configure and tune level layouts, design challenging enemies, and deliver an exciting, ultimately rewarding experience. You will be one of the first to design a game that appeals to the console action game audience while introducing them to the ongoing subscription-based elements of an MMP.
As lead action designer, you will need to both create new, original ideas while working within the existing game design structure. You must be an outstanding communicator who has the ability to fit in with and take a leadership role in an existing team. Your day-to-day job will involve working closely with and setting the agenda for designers, world, builders, and programmers.

- The successful candidate should have a minimum of five years of game design experience. Ideally, you will have contributed to the design of two or more action games from inception to final ship.
- Able to produce articulate design documentation detailing innovative game-play mechanics, mission walkthroughs, story lines, character biographies, interface design, control systems, and asset inventories.
- Able to understand the specific limitations and benefits of a console platform.
- Able to consider game-wide issues such as core game-play mechanic, interface, pacing and story, and game balance / difficulty curve.
- Able to build on an existing game design structure.
- Demonstrated ability to construct interesting game levels in innovative, unexpected ways that enhance the central vision, without compromising the game�s consistency or continuity and without generating too much unique programming work for each level.
- Previous experience using game editors / scripting systems
- Excellent communication, interpersonal, leadership and organizational skills.
- Willing to accept and provide direction, work well under pressure, and handle multiple tasks
- Outstanding team skills
- Proven problem solving and analytical skills

- Experience designing multiplayer games.
- Good drawing skills
- Design experience with consoles.
- Understanding of massively multiplayer online games.
- Avid gamer - Must be a big fan of action, console, and MMP games and able to discuss in detail other benchmark games.

Commensurate with ability and experience. Relevant experience and specialised knowledge all contribute to a higher salary.
If you believe that you are the right person for this position, please forward your resume and examples of relevant design documentation by email to:

E-Mail: jobs@syd.microforte.com.au
When applying for this position, quote the MF Reference code of SUMEALAD03c