Concept Artist for Intrigue

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Recently we have secured a small development loan from the Australian Film Commission, though we still have to do the paper work. The loan is specifically for the development of interactive digital content, or more specifically, the development of a game (project) proposal so as to secure further development funding.

Though only a small amount, this should lead to larger amounts, and we feel that the slow progress that has been made so far will rapidly speed up.

We have added to the roles listed for the project, and have begun to actively looking for people to fill them. Though a few roles have people pencilled in, things can change rapidly (for various reasons), so for that reason we are still looking to fill them. The aim is to have a core team finalised along with a completed game proposal for the next stage of development: a playable gameplay prototype of the title.

For the game proposal documentation, we are looking for a competent concept artist to be contracted to provide: conceptual guides, illustrations, storyboards, etc. This will be a paid position, and is a role we are looking to fill ASAP.


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The link appears to be broken. I'd love to apply by the web page in question won't load.

Starving Illustrator Who Needs Employment

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This is an old job ad from over 3 years ago.