Micro Forte seeks Server Programmer


Submitted by Micro Forte

Micro Forte Sydney is currently developing the first Xbox exclusive Massively Multiplayer Online Game. You will join an exceptionally talented team working on our cutting edge server technology that forms the backbone of our award winning BigWorld- Technology. Your expertise in low level systems programming such as optimizing network I/O and talent at higher level programming of client / server interactions and network monitoring tools will make an invaluable contribution to our Massively Multiplayer Online Game. Your database design skills will be put to the test as we build and optimize a system capable of handling millions of players.


- Very Solid C++ Skills (you will need to do our C++ test)
- Solid Linux / Windows system programming
- Enjoys working in a team


- Low level IP protocol knowledge (TCP, UDP)
- Windows/Linux system guru
- Large scale Database systems
- Large scale distributed systems
- Internet latency and work arounds
- Security (prevention mechanisms for: DoS attacks, spoofing, capture/replay)
- Routers/LAN/ATM etc hardware knowledge
- Threads, processes & multitasking issues in general
- Exploiting parallelism in problems
- Synchronization/IPC issues: queues, semaphores, shared memory, RPC, resource contention resolution
- SCADA and process control like systems: real-time response (eg 50ms) to signals and messages
- Avid gamer

Salary: commensurate with ability and experience.

If you believe that you are the right person for this position, please forward your resume and examples of your work to: jobs@syd.microforte.com.au

When applying for this position, please state your salary expectations and quote the Reference: SUMEASP03

For more information, please refer to www.microforte.com.au