Tools Programmer opening at Blue Tongue

Job Position: 


Blue Tongue Entertainment, a well known and established Melbourne games developer is seeking a talented Tools Programmer to work as part of the technology team. This is a unique opportunity to work on defining the tools and technology for the company’s next-generation games. The successful applicant will have significant experience developing tools and technology and excellent communication and interpersonal skills.

Your daily challenges:-

* Development of tools and technology in the support of game development teams.
* Training and tuition of developers in the use of tools and technology.
* Support and maintenance of tools.
* Design and implementation of game content pipelines.
* Reports to the Technical Director.

What you need to have:-

* Strong C/C++.
* Strong C# and experience writing and maintaining managed code.
* Experience with defining tools and content generation pipelines for at least one shipping game, or similar work-related experience.
* A strong documentation ethic.
* Ability to train and mentor content creators in the use of tools created.
* Experience with Perl, BAT and other common scripting language alternatives.

What more can we offer?

* Friendly, inspiring and collaborative work environment
* Performance & salary reviews
* Discount stock option programs
* Income protection insurance
* Bonuses
* Friday drinks & social functions
* Games area and games library
* Also the office is easily accessible via public transport and has secure bike storage



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This was up a couple of months ago - hard to believe it hasn't been filled!

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A friend of mine was interviewed and did the test for this a few weeks ago and was then told they had filled the role.

Sounds like THQ are just gathering resumes rather than actually having roles to fill.

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I can assure you the opening is genuine and we are looking to fill it as soon as possible. We have come close with a few candidates, but for one reason or another their applications faltered before the final hurdle.

Believe it or not, we have had a lot of difficulty finding someone with the right balance of skills for this role. The problem is this. There are plenty of talented game or engine programmers with solid industry experience, but most are not really interested in doing stuff like GUI design, project dependencies, tree views, property grids, Perforce integration, installers, CRT, WPF, PHP, SQL, etc. At least not as a full time job. On the other hand, there are guys with a regular IT background who eat that stuff for breakfast, but they are usually weak in important game related areas like C++, 3D maths, etc, and have little or no industry experience.

Our ideal candidate would have a passion for writing tools, not merely be a frustrated games programmer. At the same time, they've got to love working at a game dev and helping our teams do it better. Ideally they would also have some previous experience on a game team, because there is no substitute for shipping a game.

If you are interested in the Tools Programmer role at Blue Tongue, and think you have the right mix of skills and experience, please send your CV to or contact Andrew directly at the number above.


Graeme Webb
Technical Director
Blue Tongue - THQ

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The guys who "eat" PHP, SQL, GUIs etc for breakfast are all earning double the money in another industry, with less hours and more security. And if they are smart enough know 3d math etc they are probably earning triple.

Never thought about it like that before.

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This has now been filled, many thanks for everyone that applied.