Programming job at IR Gurus

Job Position: 

(IR Gurus are based in Melbourne..)


We are currently looking for talented software engineers to join the team!

As a member of the programming team at IR Gurus, you would be expected to provide software engineering expertise, including (but not restricted to) the following areas:

C++ language
C language
Assembly language
Win32 API
Usage Microsoft Foundation Class programming
Real-time 2D and 3D graphics technology and systems
AI techniques, including hierarchical state machines

You will be required to have input into software design discussion meetings and develop well-designed software within project schedules. You will be expected to continue to enhance programming and communication skills and actively participate with team members.

We are looking for people who are self-motivated with a strong work ethic.

Qualifications: Minimum 2-3 years games programming experience. Must have shipped previous titles. Experience on PS2, Xbox recommended. Must be able to create technical designs that lead to well structured software. Knowledge of various animation packages and graphics packages an asset.

If you have the requisite experience, please send an application letter, together with your CV, to