Lead Designer for Transmission labs

Job Position: 

Transmission labs (formerly IR Gurus) is a video games company in Melbourne, Australia. Over the last three years we have released a number of successful games franchises, including Heroes of the Pacific and Heatseeker. During this time, the company has grown from thirty employees to over one hundred, spread across two development teams. We are currently recruiting for our next big franchise: Sin City. We are looking for the right people to help bring the world of Sin City to life.

Applicants will display a high level of enthusiasm, demonstrate creative, original thought, a passion for games and their particular specialty.

- Lead and manage a team of designers to create levels and documentation.
- Design and develop engaging and entertaining single player levels for a third person action/adventure game.
- Work collaboratively with Production, Art, and Programming on the game design direction and implementation.
- Work closely with other level designers, artists, world artists, and programmers on development and refinement of game design, tools, and engine features.
- Work closely with Quality Assurance and play-testers to identify and resolve gameplay and level design issues.
- Organize the Design Team's workflow to stay on schedule.
- Maintain a positive work atmosphere and communicate in a professional manner with co-workers and publishers.

- Must have 5+ years of design experience, including 3 years of experience as a Senior Game Designer or Lead Designer for console games on published titles.
- Strong communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills.
- Good technical understanding of 3D games and technology.
- Strong documentation skills.
- Knowledge of the Unreal Editor or similar for: entity placement and behaviour, level logic scripting, basic geometry placement.
- Knowledge of scripting languages (such as UnrealScript or Lua).
- Knowledge of bug tracking tools.
- Must be able to design games of all genres; including action and sports.

Items to include with application:
- Samples of game design documents.
- Samples of levels created in level editors.

Location: Melbourne
Start Date: ASAP
Duration: Permanent
Salary: Salary negotiable dependent upon experience.
Visa and Relocation assistance available to the successful candidate.

Please send applications to jobs@irgurus.com, marked Lead Designer


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    did i miss the news article on them renaming themselves?