Part-time positions open for ISIS team-work projects


ISIS (the Federal and State Gov-backed 'Interactive Skills Integration Scheme') is currently looking for teams and individuals with games / interactive media skills to work with experts from 'non-games' industry sectors to explore opportunities for innovation creation.

Pilot 'integrations' will be undertaken in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland between October 2011 and March 2012. Each integration will follow the ISIS Toolkit Framework and be assisted by a designated ISIS Mentor. The ISIS Team are currently seeking Expressions of Interest from both 'Pilot Businesses' (organisations from non-games industry sectors) and 'Interactive Media Teams' (games dev / interactive media professionals). For more information, the 'ISIS Expressions of Interest' document can be downloaded from the home page of

Interactive Media Teams applying for consideration to be involved with ISIS should consist of a producer, programmer and designer. (Extra bonus points if you've worked together before).

Applications are due COB Friday September 2nd.

For Selection Criteria / Applications Forms or to ask any questions at all, please contact ISIS Project Director, Justin Brow on 0413 411 744 or

These ISIS Pilot Integrations present an ideal professional development opportunity for practitioners within Australia's Game Dev industry to work with leading business minds to develop skills and knowledge within the 'serious games' / 'gamification' space.

All enquiries welcome.


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"Interactive Media Teams applying for consideration to be involved with ISIS should consist of a producer, programmer and designer.'

What, artists don't count?

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I think it would depend on whats trying to be implemented. You could def replace the producer with multi-disciplined resource that creates content as well as manages the minor production tracking involved.

Justin's picture

Good point - teams can be made up of a variety of skills sets, not necessarily producers, designers, programmers - multi-disciplined folks, in fact, would fit the bill perhaps better than a team of specialists.

btw: there are some really interesting programs putting their hands-up for consideration. It's going to make it a tough decision for us.