Senior Artist position available at Redtribe

Job Position: 

Redtribe are seeking an experienced and highly-motivated 3D artist to work in a senior position on exciting new console game development projects. Ideally the applicant will be multi-skilled, though expertise in environment creation is preferred but non-essential.

- Creation and development of high-quality game art assets that are artistically and technically effective in
- creating the game experience intended by the Art Director and Creative Director.
- Performing a proactive and dynamic role with a focused goal of ensuring that projects are cutting edge in terms of graphical techniques and technology.
- Understanding the technical and artistic challenges that must be met to achieve the art vision and actively contribute to realising that vision.
- Active contribution to the education and development of junior artists’ skills.
- Ensuring that the high-quality bar established by the Art Director is maintained.
- Reporting regularly to the Art Director with progress.
- Qualifications Required
- Degree or diploma in 3D Art for Game Development, Design, Illustration, Fine Art, or similar Art related course.
- Successful completion of an art-foundation course would be a plus.

Experience Required:
- At least four years experience in the industry.
- At least two published titles completed.
- Experience of multi-platform development is desirable but not essential.
- Experience of developing for Wii or Gamecube would be a plus.

Knowledge/Skills Required:
- At least five years experience with an industry standard 3-D package; 3D Studio Max is preferred but Maya or XSI are also acceptable.
- At least five years experience with Photoshop; experience with Illustrator or InDesign would be a plus.
- Excellent understanding of the processes of concepts, design, modelling, texturing and animation in games, preferably for multi-platform development.
- Ability to buy into the established art vision of the game and work creatively within a design framework.
- Excellent technical understanding of art processes and cutting-edge techniques in core disciplines including animation, characters, environments, visual effects, graphic-design and GUI design.
- Capable of driving the visual technology of the product, including an understanding of shaders for materials, lighting techniques, visual effects and post processing techniques, and capable of working and communicating effectively with graphics programmers.
- Comfortable as a team-member and able to work well in cooperation with others.
- Dedicated to quality but pragmatic about deadlines and platform limitations.
- An excellent problem solver.
- Highly motivated and with an active interest in video games.