Senior Designer for Krome Studios

Job Position: 


* Minimum 3 years experience in a similar game design role
* Tertiary education in art, literacy, design or related discipline
* Experience in 3D packages
* Creative writing experience and scripting languages experience


Senior Responsibilities
* Create high quality work with minimal assistance
* Provide feedback and advice to team members
* Assist with staff training
* Assist lead with team task allocation (if required)
* Assist lead with creation of documentation
* Assist with team appraisals/performance management
* Be aware of potential risks to the project and bring to the attention of management
* Greater input in research and development of project assets.
* Ensure personal work and team work is meeting documented standards
* Use of proprietary management software – ensure all tasks are entered, time estimates are accurate and percentage complete updated regularly

* Work with the Lead Designer to formulate the game vision and game goals
* Clearly define and articulate the game design
* Help define the design team workflow and production process and provide guidance to design team on execution of workflow and process
* Be accountable for quality of all design elements
* Innovate and challenge the design plus manage and monitor designer output
* Establish designer tool requirements and guard game vision
* Write clear, concise and accurate documentation to a design specification
* Maintain and update design documentation whenever necessary
* Ensure that the game vision and direction is accurately represented in all your work
* Ensure your written design documentation is clearly understood by relevant team members to expedite implementation
* Provide written feedback on implemented features to all relevant parties and communicate verbally any required changes
* Ensure that all design changes laid down by the senior or lead designer, through ad-hoc and formal meetings, are implemented accurately and in a timely manner
* Ensure work is completed to specified timeline
* Regularly play-test game builds and highlight issues, where appropriate
* Provide additional game ideas that strengthen and support game vision
* Promote and explain game vision to other team members
* Ability to change design as required for technical/external reasons
* Ensure a professional manner in all communications
* Perform additional tasks as requested

Key Performance Indicators:
* Communication skills
* Time estimation
* Time taken to complete tasks
* Effort/enthusiasm
* Trouble shooting ability
* Day-to-day attitude
* Use of proprietary management software

Design Specific:
* Quality of design documentation
* Quality of writing
* Design specific enough to allow others to work off it alone
* Ability to adjust philosophy and approach to different projects
* Ability/willingness to learn how systems operate internally
* Ability to define work within and consider all aspects of design, i.e. development time, budget, man hours, team size etc.
* Maintains active interest in game beyond documentation – including play testing, focus testing, reviewing feedback from QA and ensuring the game stays true to the vision of design team.

Skills & Knowledge:
* Strong conceptual skills
* Excellent analytical and problem solving skills
* Excellent people and communication skills
* Level design skills (using level editors)
* Highly motivated with the ability and desire to collaborate within a highly creative environment
* Preferably an understanding of 3D packages

Applications can be emailed to or sent to:

Human Resources Manager
Krome Studios
P.O. Box 1639
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006