Level Designer for Irrational Games Australia

Job Position: 

Here at Irrational Games we can boast about taking gaming innovation to the next level. Our recent success at the EEE saw us take out the much coveted 'Game of the Show' award for Bioshock from IGN, Gamespot and Gamespy. IGN also saw fit to dub us their 'Developer of the Year 2005'.This is the type of exposure and experience you can share by joining our award winning team in our Australian Studio.

Based in the heart of Australia's national capital, Canberra, we are experiencing booming success in the industry and due to this growth we are in need of experienced and passionate Level Designers to join our team.

Level designers are directly responsible for creating gameplay through level building and scripting. You will need to combine a strong aesthetic sense and interest in creating visually interesting spaces with an ability to understand how gameplay is created. You will also need to possess the technical skills to ensure that your levels work within the constraints of the game technology.

As a level designer, you will be directly supervised by the lead level designer who will review your work and determine if it is artistically and technically sufficient to use in the final product. You will be required to work with artists, designers and programmers to ensure that your work is appropriate for the game design.

At Irrational, we are currently working with Unreal Warfare? technology to create next generation titles. Experience with this technology building mods or commercial products will be highly valued but similar experience with other technologies, like Half-Life? or Quake?, is also valued.

Required skills

? understanding of contemporary 3D first-person engine technologies and editing tools
? experience creating first-person levels using Unreal, Quake, Half-Life or similar technologies for commercial titles (this must be demonstrated through actual levels created for these engines)
? understanding of and desire to create first-person shooter gameplay
? interest in and understanding of architecture, lighting, texturing and other elements that are required to create aesthetically pleasing 3D levels
? ability to use basic programming or scripting tools
? ability to meet deadlines
? ability to work and contribute effectively in a team environment
? good communication skills

As a game designer, you are expected to also have a wider interest in game design and creation and you will be expected to continue to refine these skills.

To apply for this position, you will need to submit:

- Resume.
- Cover letter explaining why you want to work at Irrational.
- Reel or CD of original work, which should show examples of all or some of the following:

? Levels or other game content. This should be viewable using existing third party game engines or modified engines that can be freely downloadable.
? Game or level design documents
? Any other supporting material that demonstrates your artistic or game design skills and thinking.

Ali Hinton, Recruitment Manager at ali@irrational.com.au