Junior Game Programmer for Epiphany Games


Epiphany Games is a young, agile company developing game development software and online games.

The applicant should have a passion for UI design and development. Applicants should be very comfortable with OOP including implementing standard design patterns and working with memory managed code. The applicant should be proficient in C++ and have experience in researching techniques and general game development.

Knowledge of C (3+ months) and Managed C++.NET (6+ months).
Basic knowledge of usage of DirectX.
Good documentation skills.
Good communication skills.
Ability to work unsupervised.

Desirable Knowledge:
Shaders, 3D Vector and vertex math, GUI programming, Windows CLI Programming, Game Engines (any commercial engines such as Unreal Engine or CryEngine a big plus)
Degree in Computer Science or Software Engineering.
Microsoft Visual Studio 2005.
GPU programming.
At least 1 year employment experience.

Max Salary of 45k including super. This is an ideal position for a 1 year experience programmer or a recently graduated programmer. Pay review in 6 months. Flexible work environment.

Interview Process:
Please send the following with your resume.

2 C++ code snippets, demonstrating understanding of DirectX and managed C++.NET Code.

Full academic record and record of employment.

2 References. Academic references are accepted, however Employment references preferred.

Contact Morgan Lean with all required documents and code samples on the following email address morgan.lean@epiphanygames.com.au