3D Model Builder for Education and Games


Submitted by Mark Theyer

We have a new product for Education and Games. "3D Model Builder" www.3dmodelbuilder.com is the in-house 3D modelling tool we use to make the 3D models for our 3D Kit Builder site www.3dkitbuilder.com... and we think it may be suitable as a learning tool, as it is simple to learn and use, and all of the data is "game engine ready".

The "Geometry Pack" is a simple version for learning, with points, triangle strips, lines and "child models". The "Texture and Lighting Pack" adds layers, transparency, colors per vertex, alpha per vertexand normals per vertex, TGA textures, custom UV's, texture alpha channel, multi texture, plus blend and additive reflections. It will have an XNA / X file export.

The Geometry Pack is available for download from www.3dmodelbuilder.com we are seeking your ideas and feedback!