REDTRIBE is currently building 3 next gen titles for two major US publishers. The company is a developer of AAA quality next-generation games and is working with some of the most highly sought after licenses in the entertainment Industry.

REDTRIBE has the following openings in its Melbourne Studio:

Project Managers (2)
Game Designers (2)
3D Character Artists (4)
Animators (4)
Environmental Artists/Level Builders (4)
Software Engineers (6)
Engine Programmers (3)
Musician (1)
Sound Engineer/Sound FX Guy (1)

Games include:

* An innovative fast-past action platform game for the XBox 360, PS2 & Revolution Platforms.

* A sci-fi horror FPS for the XBox 360 & PC Platforms.

* A 3rd person action game involving cars, trucks and guns set in a post-apocalyptic world for the PS3 & XBox360 platforms.

We look forward to receiving your applications. If you have applied in the past and have since updated your folio we would like to view them again.