Wind-Up Warrior

Wind-Up Warrior is an all new side-scrolling action RPG jam-packed with mobs to hunt, powerful loot to discover and legendary bosses to fight! A unique fusion of an endless runner and roguelite make it the perfect game for casual and hardcore players alike. Get ready for an epic adventure!

Features include:


Help Lilly rescue all of her fairy friends as she travels across the colourful rainbow realms.

Pop bubbles to release butterflies and unlock gemstones that will give Lilly special powers to protect the friendly creatures of each realm.

Collect magical orbs to unlock portals to new mystical worlds and search for gold to trade for extra special outfits and super powers.


The game is about mice living in a Kingdom far away where some citizens of the Kingdom stepped into a web of intrigue against the Queen.Once Noser and his aunt come to the Kingdom looking for a job. Noser's small adventure starts from this moment.

you can see gameplay here https://youtu.be/DACGpZkGg3o