Producer/Project Manager (VR firefighter training)

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About the business
FLAIM Systems is a startup company building the Next Generation of Emergency Services Training Solutions. With FLAIM Trainer® we have created an immersive mobile training system using VR, patented haptics and heat feedback, and real equipment that enables fire services to train safer, train anywhere, train more and train better. Fire Services get more from firefighting training programs and scenarios – and extend training into scenarios that can’t be trained using real world systems and environments.

We are based in Geelong where we build our product.

About the role
As a producer/project manager at FLAIM Systems you will be looking after the production of FLAIM software. You will help to guide a small team of developers, artists, QA and subject matter experts to help craft a world leading virtual reality firefighter training product.

We initially require someone for 2-3 days a week with a view to increasing this as the need arises. You will predominantly be working in South Melbourne but will be required to occasionally travel to Geelong to work with the hardware team.

Initial contract will be for 6 months, renewable.

Your role involves:
- Effectively leading and managing the development team to hit quarterly releases.
- Coordinating and prioritizing tasks across the various teams to hit release schedule deadlines.
- Documenting processes, release notes, media releases and marketing material.
- Managing development throughout each phase of the production process: scenario request, scenario design, scenario building, beta testing and release.
- Communicating progress to all stakeholders on a regular basis, and share what you've learned with other teams.
- Managing comms between teams to ensure priorities align for optimal workflow.
- Coaching the team to improve quality and ways of working (preferably using agile principles).

Why join Flaim?
- You want to be a part of a small but growing team of people who are genuinely excited to be making a product that we believe in.
- You want to contribute to a product that has the ability to help save lives.
- You want to work with passionate and talented people who are industry pioneers.
- You want to work at a studio that appreciates its employees efforts and won’t make you crunch and burn you out.
- Or, you are just looking for a fun place to work!

Skills and experience
To succeed in this role, you will need:
- A minimum of 3+ years of experience as a Producer, Development Director, or Project Manager.
- To have shipped at least 1 successful game/software product.
- To be able to easily navigate between design meetings, marketing conference calls, and bug-fixing discussions.
- Have a solid understanding of workflows across art asset development, software development and to be willing to learn about our hardware development pipeline.
- The ability to communicate between different teams to understand priorities and help align priorities for successful releases.
- A clear communicator that can both offer and take constructive feedback in a team environment.
- The ability to get things done, using effective production methods.
- Knowledge of agile development methodology.
- To keep your team motivated and engaged through open communication and strong project management.

Along with your CV, please include a cover letter in your application detailing why you are the person we need to hire!