Art Director/Artist

Job Position: 


We are searching for an Art Director to help define and establish the look for a game pitch. Ratrace Enterpriser, is a fast paced life simulator-on-speed for mobile, think Jones in the Fast Lane meets Sim City meets Hungry Hippos.

The game is set in a stylized urban setting with tongue in cheek humour, where the player experiences life all the way through from a roach infested apartment in a gritty slum through to high stakes I'm rich and horribly over-worked success story, and everything in between. The player hunts for work, gets skills and education, applies for better jobs, take care of their bills, buys stuff, battles a dynamic economy, even develops the town. We are going for 3D with a 2D toon look, and most of the assets have been developed to a certain level.

- Refine the art style, both game and UI
- Create concept art and illustrations of fully rendered game
- Create UI elements and asset textures

What we're looking for:
- Killer Portfolio. Versatile and stylised (please don't send me high rendered fantasy concept if that's all you do. As much as I love the style, it's not for this game)
- Keen eye. Good understanding of colour theory/line/form/composition etc, great sense of style.
- Skills and knowledge of both 2D and 3D (hybrid examples a plus)
- Can take direction and critique.
- Can quickly mock up different sketch options.
- UI - great sense of layout, awesome design of elements (buttons/screens etc).
- Professional work ethic. So if we talk about delivering things a certain way, I don't up with MyFile.jpg
- Easy going attitude and just generally cool to work with.

- Experience in games (mobile is an extra plus)
- Experience as an art director
- Familiarity with quirky art styles (Mad Magazine, Jones in the Fast Lane, Leisure Suit Larry...)

This is a short contract with potential for future collaboration and is open to remote work and applicants with some experience. To apply, please send CVs, portfolios/portfolio links as well as rough rates (daily/weekly) to with Job:Art Director in the subject. Apologies if we are not able to get back to everyone, all applications will be reviewed.

Thanks and have a great day,
The Ratracer Team