VR Software Developer - C# - Unity 3D

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About the business

Liminal is a Melbourne-based, dedicated virtual reality company with two branches: Liminal VR and Liminal 360.

Liminal VR is developing a platform for short virtual reality experiences designed to change how you feel and perform - initially launching with calming and energising experiences later this year. Liminal VR has been developing and testing these experiences in-house as well as working with a global network of VR developers and schools via our education and developer partnership programs.

Liminal 360 is our projects arm, delivering bespoke virtual and augmented reality solutions for a range of clients and industries. Working with all major virtual reality platforms on experiences as diverse as training & simulation, marketing and brand activations, architectural visualisation, educational and clinical products.

We are looking for C# / Unity programmers at junior, mid and senior level.

About the role
You will help grow Liminal into a global company, assisting with both arms of Liminal.
Your responsibilities may include some or all of the following:
• Scoping and delivering commercial VR / AR projects via the Liminal 360 brand
• Assisting with the development of Liminal’s tech stack (including the Liminal Platform and SDK)
• Development of interactive VR experiences for the Liminal Platform
• Troubleshooting problems as they arise, including (but not limited to) bugs relating to the Liminal Platform, our SDK, projects delivered by our partners and client work

A unique opportunity!
VR and AR represent the next major computing platforms. Working at Liminal, you will have access to the latest technology and will be driving the evolution of immersive computing on a global scale.
The position is both challenging and exciting as you will be working at the bleeding edge of VR/AR, psychology and neuroscience.

Skills and experience
The successful candidate will possess strong skills in C# and Unity 3D.
Other skills (eg. AWS, .Net) – desirable, but not mandatory.

Contact: info@liminalvr.com

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