Senior 3D Animator - League of Geeks

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Saturday, 12 October 2019 - 5:00pm

At League of Geeks, we love bringing characters to life!

We're hunting for a passionate Senior Animator to do just that while helping our animation team to flourish. You'll create beautiful animations for our games and collaborate with, mentor and guide other animators in the art department. You have a strong grasp of fundamental animation principles and can apply appropriate techniques for maximum impact.

The ideal candidate is someone with the experience, initiative and skill-set to take charge of animation at League Of Geeks.

With guidance from the art director and lead artist, the senior animator will contribute to the artistic vision primarily through character animation and helping to realise the game's animated visual style. They will also be expected to actively collaborate with other developers and contribute to the development of artistic techniques and processes.

We are committed to building one of the best working environments in the world. Not to mention you’ll be part of our planning meetings, design discussions, and of course Friday afternoon events, weekly LoG Dog Day, and more.

If you’re keen to work with one of the world’s leading independent studios and get in on the ground floor for our unannounced project, helping to shape our new, original IP, we want to hear from you.

Women and other underrepresented developers, please apply! We pride ourselves on our inclusive work environment and output, so we’d love to work with you.

You can check out this position on our dedicated careers site,

- Experience with Maya and Unity.
- A firm understanding of the technical requirements needed for game animation.
- A love of animating, whether it be a biped, quadruped or even just a simple cube!
- A strong understanding of body mechanics.
- The ability to apply different styles to your animation.
- The initiative, both creatively and technically, to push animation forward at the company.
- Commitment to mentor other animators.
- Great communication skills and a dedication to work in a highly collaborative environment

- Experience with motion capture
- Cinemachine experience.
- An understanding of cameras and cinematography.
- Strong facial acting skills.
- Experienced tangential skills such as rigging for games.

- Create and oversee animation for characters and creatures, or any kind of animation the game requires.
- With the help of technical artists, help build and prototype animation pipe-lines and procedures.
- Providing feedback and mentoring for other animators, both technical and creative.
- Collaborate with other Artists and the broader team to help bring the project vision to life.
- Actively improve skill set by keeping up to date with industry trends and techniques.
- Help LoG build and maintain a great working culture through positive teamwork. This includes contributing to constructive peer feedback, assisting more junior members and work experience students, and raising any issues early with their Lead so they may be resolved.

- Weekly bring-your-dog-to-work day. Yeah, dogs!
- Flexible work arrangement opportunities and family-friendly considerations.
- Professional development track, mentorship and support.
- Monthly self-directed professional development days
- Friday afternoon events inclusive of the whole studio
- Annual Summer Family Picnic, Winter Feast and Melbourne Games Week party.
- Located in The Arcade, one of the world’s first videogame co-working spaces.
- Located in Melbourne, Australia. World’s most livable city seven years in a row.

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