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We are expanding our small group of talented game developers who are interested in using their skills to make a significant difference. Guided by industry professionals it’s time to use our skills for more than just fun, it’s time to change the world.

In the recent World Report on Disability, it is estimated that 1 in 5 people globally are considered as having a disability. In Australia it’s calculated as 3.96 Million Australians (ABS 2003) who still face negative attitudes and inadequate customer service from front line staff (from all industries) because they do not know how to engage with us. This challenge must be properly addressed because it leads to social isolation and exclusion. The underlying cause of this issue is due to current ineffective and unengaging methods to educate and train about disability awareness. Notably existing boring and unempowering online training service, which are glorified powerpoint presentations.

The key to addressing the challenge is the education of our community. Led by people with first-hand experience of disability we are developing a digital gaming experience that is already proven to engage users while educating them on real challenges in the community. We are starting with the most important group - disability service providers and their front line staff who have direct contact with people who have disability. But our vision is broad and ultimately we plan on bringing this engaging experience to the larger community.

Our experience of delivering in person disability awareness training has proven successful, now, by using game design and simulation on smart mobile devices and virtual reality technology, that success will be magnified and reach thousands more.

The timing for this initiative is now. The momentum of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) rollout is past midway. Once completed in 2020 there will be an annual $22 Billion market increasing demand for well-trained service delivery professionals. NDIS position statement of the market reports that there are currently 225,300 support workers and 8000 disability service providers in across Australia. It is projected that this number will grow over 500,000 support workers by 2020.

Enabler Pty Ltd
Social enterprise Enabler is led by ACT Young Australian of the Year Huy Nguyen. We’re gathering talented game developers to address the global challenges faced by people with disability. We’re aiming to revolutionise ineffective and unengaging training methods by harnessing the power of game design, scalable mobile platforms and emerging technologies such as virtual reality technology.


ROLE: Web Systems Engineer

We’re looking for a talented Web Systems Engineer to join our team to assist us in the setup of our infrastructure concerning distribution of our product. This will be on a contract basis with the ability to work remotely, however being located in Melbourne or Hobart are preferred. Other benefits include flexible hours with an emphasis on delivery of services.

Required Skills:

- Ability to create secure account systems.
- Ability to create business to business distribution / authentication methods to be used with Android, iOS app.
- Pre-existing knowledge of data serialisation + deserialisation (JSON)
- Knowledge of how to efficiently store and receive data between online server and mobile devices.
- Able to make smart solutions independently that fit our needs.

Important but not required:

- Knowledge of Unity3D
- Previous experience working on game projects + server backends
- Willingness to be available for future (paid) troubleshooting / maintenance
- Casual hours expected after contract finish

If this sounds like you, please send your resume & examples of your work to luke@enablerinteractive.com with the subject line of, “Web Systems Engineer”. We encourage people of all different genders, backgrounds, cultures, ages, etc to apply. We value diversity and inclusivity, which means bringing positive social change in every aspect of our work.