Mid-level Project Manager / Games / Sydney / Full-time

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Friday, 30 June 2017 - 9:00am

We are Chaos Theory Games, a young and ambitious video game development studio based in Sydney, Australia, and we are looking for a project manager to work with us in-house (St Leonards).

The vast majority of our work is client-facing with multiple projects running concurrently. We are looking for a self-starter who is independent and can manage and deliver projects with minimal oversight. You will be working alongside our other project managers and will be in charge of a small-to-mid sized development team, responsible for delivering projects on schedule, and on (or ideally under) budget.

Additionally, we are looking for someone who is passionate about video games and will bring that passion to work every day! We get to work on some truly amazing projects, and an appreciation for video games is essential to understanding what makes a quality product.

- Experience using project management software such as JIRA or Asana.
- An in-depth knowledge of the game development pipeline.
- Practical Unity skills to assist in writing up task requirements.
- Programming experience is desirable, but not required.

- Clear communication is essential. You will be communicating with clients, developers, and artists every day, both internally and externally.
- A diverse taste in video games is beneficial due to the wide breadth of projects we work on.

- 2 years’ experience in a management position of a games or software development team.
- A portfolio that includes at least 2 published game (or software) projects.
- A portfolio that includes shipped mobile titles is desirable.

- Communicating with clients via email, phone, and in person, in order to accurately convey the status of the project, as well as any other relevant aspects of development (15%)
- Interpreting various briefs and providing development estimates to assist in the creation of project proposals. You will be required to translate estimates and task breakdowns created by developers into a format that is presentable to clients (10%)
- Using the proposal and budget as a base, being able to break down the project into sprints, epics, and tasks. Then, using this information, be able to create a development timeline, to identify and schedule important dates. (20%)
- Assigning and managing development resources. (10%)
- Performing quality assurance and reviewing work submitted by developers and designers (40%)
- Preparing and packaging builds to send to clients. This includes dealing with Apple and Google to publish the game via the respective app stores. (5%)

About the Company
Chaos Theory Games is a boutique development studio that prides itself on creating games and interactive experiences of the highest quality. We have been working exclusively in the client services space for the past 18 months and have had the pleasure to work with such clients as eBay, UNSW, USyd, and 2and2. Our primary areas of focus are in building games or interactive experiences for education, advertising, and entertainment, and we have recently been exploring tool / middleware development.

We are actively cultivating a creative, inclusive, and productive environment where open discussions and strong opinions are encouraged. We have a dedicated gaming room with consoles and VR platforms that we like to play with whenever possible.

The long term vision of the company is to build a superpowered in-house team capable of delivering ambitious and wonderful games, grow partnerships that help to send these games out to the world, and eventually start putting our name on our own tools and games.

Salary will start at $70,000 - $80,000 p.a. depending on skills and experience.

Applying for the position
If this role sounds like you, then please send your CV and cover letter to hello@chaostheorygames.com with links to the 2 shipped titles that you have worked on.