Game Design / Programmer - Furry Trooper

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Friday, 1 September 2017 - 12:00pm

Mobile Game Developer for Rev

Calling all talented mobile game designers/developers
- Fantastic opportunity to polish an already soft-launched ios game -
- Partnering up with passionate and creative team members, you will compose engaging enemy waves as well as to beautify the game in general
- Technical Skills: Unity3D Version 5.5 and higher; Latest Xcode iPhone and iPad, latest iOS version (10.X) and one back (9.X)
- Flexible working arrangement and generous rev share/salary based on negotiation

Technical details and skills:
Unity3D Version 5.5 and higher (high proficiency)
Latest Xcode iPhone and iPad, latest iOS version (10.X) and one back (9.X)
Game system and level design (highly desirable)
Gamesparks integration (highly desirable)

Key Requirements for applying:
A passion for gaming; positive attitude and strong aptitude
At least 2 year Game Design
At least 1 year experience in Unity GUI, demonstrable, preferably 3+ years
At least 1 year experience in iOS Development, demonstrable, preferably 3+ years
Links or portfolio of prior examples that can be verifiable
High School certificate but further education in the job area highly desirable
Excellent teamwork and communication skills
Flexible hours, but fast paced comms, sprints of works, many small changes, very agile

Key Job Responsibilities / Deliverables:
Game Design: Advice and work with the team for creative design of levels, basic game physics, game systems and rules. Collaborate with artists, animators, and game directors.
Game Development: experienced with Unity GUI for iOS at this stage (Android at later stage). Coding all the game mechanics front and backend as per game design document. Code to ‘guidelines’ such as Object Oriented Design principles and Entity Component Systems. Knowledge of Script writing, using Libraries, Asset bundles, third party integrations