Fulltime Unity3D C# Programmer/Developer for Multiplayer FPS

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Mastfire Studios has an opening for a programming wizard! We are the creators of the Steam title Blackwake which released recently. http://store.steampowered.com/app/420290/Blackwake/

Position will last two-three plus years or more depending on the long-term sustainability. We are looking to create a new title off the side with a new Programmer. You will be the primary/sole programmer for this next title, as Blackwake was completed by a single Programmer. Self taught talent is what we are looking for, not just qualifications (considering the state of the AUS game industry)


Strong C# programming skills
Must know how to use Unity3D (implementing animations, UI, general game development)
Experience with Multiplayer networking/coding
Strong communication and team-work/collaboration skills
Strong effort and work ethic
Passion to shoot people online

Huge Bonus to have prior experience with PC/CONSOLE Unity3D games/projects
(we are not interested in mobile game projects considering the scale of Blackwake, although if you think it can compare please feel free to show it)
MUST provide portfolio or links of work on said projects. If you have your own personal portfolio of self taught work that would do as well.
Bonus points if shipped Steam title

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