Enabler: Environment Game Artist - Short Term Contract

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Role: Environment 3D Game Artist

About You:
You are a talented Game Artist superstar who will confidently meet responsibilities including, but not limited to:
- Development of environmental artwork and game assets based on image reference, concepts and game functionality
- Creation of game artwork in 3D

Your Qualities:
- Able to work independently to create smart solutions that fit our needs
- Open to feedback and collaborative processes
- Able to take direction
- Can work cooperatively as part of a diverse and high-functioning team
- You are a specialist at what you do
- You are passionate about using your skills to drive positive social change
- You have a strong work ethic
- You are able to work efficiently to meet deadlines

Must Haves:
- Experience in modelling optimised low polygon models for characters, environments & props
- Ability to work within style guides and established procedures
- Competent experience with Unity3D and a thorough understanding of the exporting process
- Solid understanding of 3D modelling software and Photoshop
- Excellent communication skills
- High-level attention to detail

- General Knowledge of Adobe Suite for exporting art assets for marketing materials
- Experience working with GitHub or similar version control software
- Design skills revolving around dialogue based games
- Ability to do baked lighting in Unity

About Us:
Enabler Interactive is a social enterprise led by ACT Young Australian of the Year Huy Nguyen, established to address the challenges faced by people with disability. Enabler has taken a revolutionary approach to training to improve access to quality support services, by utilizing 3D simulation gaming technology to teach support workers fundamental knowledge and practical application of skills. Users learn by interacting with and assisting virtual intelligent characters with disabilities in a number of simulated scenarios. Our company is growing and we are looking for talented and passionate people to join our team.

How to Apply:
If this sounds like you, please send your resume and your portfolio to enquiries@enablerinteractive.com with the subject line “Environmental Game Artist”.

We value diversity and inclusivity and encourage people of all different genders, backgrounds, cultures, ages, abilities, appearances and orientations to apply. We actively seek to bring positive social change into every aspect of our work.