Contract mid-level Unity Game Designer (Mobile games)

Job Position: 

A Unity Game designer works within a small team to design, develop, and maintain a variety of game projects using C# in the Unity3D Game engine. The primary role of the game designer is to ensure all other team members understand the concept of the game and guide the team throughout the development process to ensure the client’s vision is met.

A well-qualified candidate will be someone who has experience creating mobile games and has great client communication skills.

Required Skills
- Collaborate effectively with a small, high-energy team of artists, and programmers.
- Self-motivated with a strong desire to learn and stay up with industry standards.
- Development of thorough and detailed game design documents and specifications for developers and clients. Updating documentation to reflect changes that occur during development.
- Worked on various freemium mobile titles.
- Background in designing various gameplay elements, including modes of play, progression systems, core gameplay loops, rules, goals and objectives, challenges, leaderboards and artificial intelligence.
- Experience in designing game economy, player retention mechanics plus upgrades, rewards and monetisation systems.
- Understands the importance of quality assurance testing and unit testing in mobile games. They may also be required to upskill and train QA testers to play the game, making sure that they understand what is expected of the finished product.
- User interface and user experience design.
- Be imaginative and creative and be able to think systematically and strategically.
- Strong commitment to stability, performance, & outstanding user experience.
- Ability to thoroughly detail asset lists and priority lists assets including, 2D and 3D art, sound effects and music.
- Background in Unity and C# programming.
- Ability to work on fixed deadlines.
- Data analysis and data driven design processes.
- Great work ethic and self-motivation.
- Must be passionate about games and be an avid gamer themselves.

Preferred Skills
- Published one Android and iOS app.
- Understanding of 2D and 3D game elements.
- Ideally will have gone through a full product cycle – from concept to shipping and post launch support.
- Experience in user narrative and storytelling.
- Thrive on learning new technologies.
- Understanding of animation and character implementation.
- Understanding of Apple and Android’s guidelines.
- Experience using Gamecenter and Google Play Services.
- Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
- Understand the market and target audience for computer games.
- Have excellent problem-solving skills.
- Client management and expectation building.

Bachelor degree in Game Design, Computer Science, or other related field along with portfolio.

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