3D Generalist

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Liminal is a Melbourne-based VR company creating a platform empowering the global VR community to create short VR experiences with the power to induce emotional and cognitive states in people. Liminal also creates beautiful and innovative VR experiences for clients in areas ranging from healthcare to historical recreations.

Liminal is seeking a 3D Generalist to help us create the future of virtual reality, both in the psychological VR space and in the dynamic project-focused space. You will take on a leadership role in defining the visual style of Liminal’s projects, working closely with our VR developers to create experiences that have a real impact on their users.

Join our incredible team and be part of VR history!

Responsibilities Include

· Work with Unity to create high-quality virtual-reality experiences for Rift, Vive, Daydream, Cardboard and Gear VR.

· Work in a variety of styles, include high-fidelity, photorealistic for PC, and beautiful, stylized low-poly for mobile.

· Be able to work flexibly, from texture art to character and environment modelling to environment setup and lighting within Unity.

· Provide creative input and your own unique flare to Liminal projects!

Required Skills/Experience

· 2+ Years of professional experience with the Unity game engine

· Ability to work the entire realtime art pipeline, from modelling, texture art and animation to lighting, shader and FX setup in-engine

· High degree of proficiency animating rigged models in realtime applications

· Ability to work within very low polygon budgets (50,000 polys or fewer for entire scenes on mobile!)

· Experience working in photorealistic style for high-end gaming PCs

· Experience working with 3DS Max + Vray

Advantageous Skills/Experience

· Prior experience working with the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, Gear VR, Google Daydream, or other modern virtual reality system

· Basic C# programming ability

· HLSL / ShaderForge shader programming ability

· Experience working with Adobe AfterEffects or similar software for video editing

· All additional proficiencies related to software development / game development in Unity a bonus! (e.g. Programming, sound design, music composition, data analytics, machine learning, etc.)

This is a Melbourne based position. Candidates must be willing to work in the Melbourne CBD and have right to work permanently in Australia

To apply please contact info@liminalvr.com