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Community Video: Ascension Showcase Match. WWKnight vs Cthulhugirl

Hosted by Lightmare Studios CEO and Infinity Wars co-creator Elphie 'Agent' Coyle With high ranked Infinity Wars player, and community, icon Adorabear.

CthulhuGirl Decklist

Aether Acolyte x2
Subjugated Dragon

Apparition x3
Master of Demons x3
Firebolt x2
Gather Thoughts x3
Recycle x3
Annihilate x3
Blood Arrow x3
Dark Wish x3
Death Ray x3
Desolation x3
Lighting Blast x3
Mass Death x3
Veroria, The Lone Keep x2
Summoning Stone x3

Grave Rob x2
Calamity x2
Demoralize x3
Heat Wave x3
Oblivion x2


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