Game Connect 2011: The Evolution of Audience Engagement


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Richard Iwanuik -- Bioware

Richard Iwaniuk is the Senior Director of Business Planning and Development for BioWare. Currently, Richard and his team support multiple aspects of BioWare's business operations, including the development and execution of key business, strategic, financial and legal initiatives. A Chartered Accountant since 1993, Richard joined BioWare in 2000 where during his tenure as BioWare's Director of Finance, BioWare grew from a studio of 80 developers to a multi-studio operation with over 600 employees.

Richard is a recipient of the Early Achievement Award by the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Alberta, which recognizes Chartered Accountants who demonstrate excellence and accomplishment in their career and commitment and excellence in community and volunteer services.

BRichard discusses Bioware's history, lessons learned, and future plans in building and maintaining audience engagement at a time where customers and technology are evolving at an accelerating pace.