Game Connect 2011: Stop Building Games, Start Building Brands


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As the Vice President of EEDAR's Financial Services Division, Mr. Jesse Divnich is responsible for the business development and execution of EEDAR products for the private investment and equity sector. Prior to joining EEDAR in 2007, Jesse operated as an independent industry consultant and analyst for numerous private firms and institutions with strong financial interests in the interactive entertainment sector, in addition to his over 7 year's experience within multi-media retail.

In addition to contributing to the development of new product lines for EEDAR in the areas of due diligence, risk management and analysis of industry trends, Mr. Divnich also represents EEDAR for the majority of media and press relations activities. Mr. Divnich is most known for his appearances on CNN Money, G4TV, The Street, Reuters, Market Watch, GameSpot, and IndustryGamers. Additionally, Mr. Divnich is a regular on the speaking circuit and has presented at GDC, MIGS, DigiLond, EMA Conferences, Interactive Ontario, and many more.

"With the revolution of tablet, social and mobile games, new business models are beginning to emerge that focus on smaller teams and lower development costs. This shift, however, is temporary and as these new markets mature established games brands will increasingly receive a bigger slice of the growing pie. Divnich's presentation will provide an in-depth look at the power of brands, the role the brand equity plays in the purchasing decision process, and how independent developers can capitalize on these emerging technologies to create the powerhouse brands of tomorrow."