Game Connect 2011: Position With Power!


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Phil Larsen -- Chief Marketing Officer, Halfbrick Studios

Phil Larsen is the Chief Marketing Officer at Halfbrick, the studio behind mega-hit games such as Fruit Ninja, Jetpack Joyride and Age of Zombies. A lifelong gamer and marketing professional, over the past three years he has helped to build the games and bring the brands of Halfbrick to over 80 million players worldwide, firmly securing the Brisbane studio's spot as Australia's most prominent game developer.

Many developers discussing the development of their next title agree that "Yeah! We have to do marketing!" without entirely understanding what that term as a whole actually means. This session will highlight one particular aspect of the marketing function -- positioning. It is how the image of your company, and your game, will be viewed by consumers in relation to other games, competitors, and as a product on the marketplace. What makes your three-star physics puzzler so unique? Why should you theme your XBLA game with radioactive ponies instead of Amish pirates? Is making a radioactive pony game a dumb idea given the available research? You'll find out about where you need to be making key decisions and gain some insight as to how to position your game, your company and your brands -- with sexy results!