Vert Paint Flower (WIP)

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WIP of some work I did in my spare time in maya with vert painting
Day one - vert paint test
Day two - reshape petals and paint detail
Day three - pollen, stems and arrange for day 4
Day four - flower steam, leaves, paint detail, arrange and recolour - Make low poly fox
Day five - import fox as obj, vert pint fox, start basic rig for fox
Day six - fix rig, fix tail ik spline, add basic posing controls, start skin dance/paint
Day seven - work a bit on weight paint
Day eight - finish weight paint, Model and paint terrain, model and paint mouse, set dress, begin render set up (UE4)
Day nine - change pose of fox to look like it was hunting, export/import geo and posed rig, set up scene in UE4, fix mountains in maya due to a few holes,
make vert data materials, make particle sprite, make particle system for snow, set up lights, set up camera, render
Day ten - edit and render in after effects
(Pose ref: