Kaelyn's Diary

Game Platform: Xbox Game Genre: Strategy Development Status: Released

You are trapped in a strange world. You have no idea who you are, where you are, or what your purpose is. Monsters roam the streets along with some at times unhelpful people. Perhaps the key to escaping this nightmare can be found in Kaelyn's Diary

Kaelyn's Diary is an original game where the user must find the clues hidden in 200 levels to solve the nightmare they are trapped in. The world has its own language which the player must decode by talking to people, looking for notes, or even trial and error. The people in the game will help or hinder your progress based on their personality, which you can control

The first 10 minutes (with small spoilers) can be seen in the following youtube video

The strength of this game is its storyline. I wanted to create a game like "Shadow Gate" where the player couldn't brute force the answer by trying every item on every object. To reach the end you need to understand the game's world, people, locations, and even your own life

Kaelyn's Diary is available on the XboxOne. I am looking at porting it to Windows 10