Game Platform: App Store, Google Play Game Genre: Arcade Game Engine: GameSalad Development Status: 75% done

DKUGM (creators of GameSalad 2014 game of the year “GET FIQUETTE”), are proud to announce their follow up game, “HEIST” has reached completion and is now available totally “FREE” on GOOGLE PLAY and APPLE APP STORE!!

“HEIST” is set in prohibition era "Bootleg City" as gamers guide the little thief, “Mr Fiquette” with his swag full of stolen loot, from the Bank to his get-away Balloon, all the whiles avoiding a barrage of falling object from disgruntled locals and the alway tardy Bootleg Cops.

With already addictive game-play, the fun is enhanced with a innovative new bonus system, where the player can risk collecting up to 6 coins in a row and then try to get back to the Balloon within an ever decreasing time limit, to really turbo boost their scores. But also at a risk of losing it all on that particular run.

Developed with a keen passion of NINTENDO's Classic LCD Games & Watch Systems from the early 80's, “HEIST” is the first in a newly planed series of games created by DKUGM to be release over the coming months. A great deal of care and time was put into giving the Game a Classic LCD Look, the iconic 1-Bit Sound System and the classic ever increasing level of difficulty Game Play of these now rare collector items.