Furry Trooper

Game Platform: App Store Game Genre: Kids, Strategy Game Engine: Unity Development Status: Released

Furry Trooper has hit the streets and it's time to decide, will you stand with cats or dogs? Who will stay on top?

Focusing on the age old rivalry between feline and canine, players are challenged to conquer wave upon wave of enemies as their preferred animal, meeting new furry friends and fans along the way.

With two modes of play, Arcade levels and Wave Arena, players can either go on an artistic journey across the world to beat and unlock new levels or play competitively to achieve the highest ‘wave’ for their team globally.

It is a furry and fun take on one of the most classic games ever. Enjoy Bubbletea Entertainment's first production!


> For all ages, it's cute and unique
> Conquer each Arcade level to build your skills and earn coins
> Wave Arena - endless level unlocked by finishing arcade levels for true competitive game-play; survive as many waves as possible to help your team settle the debate of Cats vs. Dogs
> Compete as one with your furry friends across the world
> A rare feature, is a dual option of weapon firing in a single touch interface. Single shot by tap or swipe, secondary burst / scatter by swiping back

Info for Users / Parents / Guardians, this game may include:
> Direct links to the social media website / internet that will open up a web browser with the potential to view any web page
> The option to make in-app purchases. The bill payer should always be made aware and consulted making any purchases - for example without in-game earned coins, coin packs can be purchased
> Advertising of other applications in the game provided by the Unity Ads service

Please note: this game requires internet connectivity and thus relevant internet charges may apply. If you want account saving and cross-device play, it will need a Facebook profile either from the Start or later from the 'Options' menu.

Any questions, feedback, bugs, privacy or other concerns please see our website for the FAQ or Contact us form.

Unique, creative yet a simple game that nods some of best elements of the classics over the years. Are you a Dog person or Cat person? Either way we need you! We’re ready to share our journey with the public, like our Facebook page for updates, promotions and where we share our love for cats and dogs.

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