FAEDOM - a little big adventure

Game Platform: App Store, Google Play Game Genre: Adventure, Arcade, Family, Kids Game Engine: Other Development Status: Released

Faedom is a magical playground full of fun activities to discover and exciting challenges to master. Help Lilly grow her magic powers and rescue her trapped bubble-bound friends, as she travels across the seven rainbow realms, in a quest to uncover the truth behind the invading darkling attacks.

Help the Fae rescue all of her fairy friends as they travel across the rainbow realms.

Pop bubbles to release butterflies and unlock gemstones that will give each Fae hero special powers to protect the friendly creatures of each realm. Collect mana orbs in each realm to unlock portals to new mystical worlds and search for gold to trade for extra special outfits and magical powers.

We hope you enjoy the game as much as we enjoyed creating it. Good luck and have fun :)

Faedom are the magical rainbow realms where wee faeries exist. Each enclave, a colourful playground of fun activities to explore and exciting challenges to discover. Help the little Fae heroes on their big adventure to rescue their trapped friends and uncover the dark source of the growing bubble invasion.



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Download FAEDOM ... enjoy :)