Good games on a lan for old computers

Anyone recommend some good games to play on a lan ? The other machine is pretty old.. 200mhz cpu, 16mb gfx card.. probably 32 or 64 mbs of ram.. Any good multiplayer lan games suited for it ? (other than Starcraft, and Doom,Quake etc)..

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If you happen to know of a multiplayer tetris or other puzzle game, co-op fps with bots, decent car racing game etc.. if it would run decent on the machine, lay it on me.

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well you may find that half-life would run
I'm not 100% sure though as the engine has been updated a fair bit but give it a try and if it works the majority of HL Mods like DOD and CS will work too.
Also quake 3 should run too if your video card has OpenGL compatability. Its a very well made engine that runs on some very low end systems. You could always try.
Yeah for multi tetris try
Abuse is also pretty fun, it's old and 2d so it's sure to run.
then there is the other quakes and generally all games that use the q2 engine should run on you system, games like sin.
the worms games you could also check out, worm armageddon is great fun and you can play it over network.
there is alot of games out there you just got to find them :P

Bloody hell its a giant harmonica!

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Might be tough to find, but Atomic Bomberman was a PC version of the arcade game that was playable over a LAN, and pretty easy on the hardware. Great fun, absolutely insane game.

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^ that bomber man would be an awful lots of fun :D

i remember playing 'sega rally championship' on my p75 multiplayer... i dont remember the frame rate being bad, even tho it was 3d. good luck!

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Simple Duke3d, shadow warrior or blood

Lead paint: delicious but deadly!

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All very excellant suggestions.. thanks