Gladiator skin

Here is my contribution to a Q3 ppm. Credit to Mop and Poopster for the model.

I struggled a bit early on with some of the UV mapping and painting of metal, but managed to push on and come out with something Im fairly happy with.
I do like the metal the most but the flesh doenst look convincing enough, not sure what it is, maybe I didnt pick the right values to use. OH well.

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Maybe soften some of the noise around the shadows. It's taking away a lot of the nice depth you have in there. Remember those smaller details will be obscured if theres no light to brighten them. As it is, it's uniform all over the texture, and makes it look flat.

I could be talking shit. Been a while since I've done this stuff hehe, but give it a try.

Also more colour variation in areas where the skin is thinnest - and therefore most translucent. It is a lesson joel taught me ages ago that I never really picked up.. But things like some reddy tones around these areas.. Can make it pop. (depending what colour blood the guy has i guess). It does come off as being very two tonal though. Have a look at some ref pics of faces and stuff. Look at where you can push colour in etc.

Just a thought.

Tis a nice job though :)

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ahh, good tip about the shadows, might just play around with that.
Yeah, I totally agree that the flesh doesnt have much variation. Should have a go reworking that.
Thanks for the crits bob :)

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Hey no problems.

Thank joel though haha, he's the one who tried to teach this stuff to me years ago. It's only NOW sinking in.

Yay brain

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haha! but it HAS sunk in :)
Anyway, did some editing, the new pics should be showing above.

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Nice one :) Starting to pop out a bit more. Maybe try push the shadows further back with some cooler purple/blues or something?

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very good start , i think defining and really bringing out the details in each part of your textures ( darker shadows + more "shine")will show more vibrance, as some parts look a little washed out.

love the face tho.

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Yeah, definately love the work you've done in the pectoral area.

Right now the metal areas don't seem to emphasise their weight and it seems they are just grafted on rather than being a solid piece of armour - particularly round the legs. Perhaps you can think about some reflected light hitting the armour and bouncing back into the skin? Might give it a little depth.

Maybe the triceps area can do a little bit more work too.

The face is great! Great work

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Thanks guys :)
Yeah it could probably use some better lighting, especially around parts of the boot.
Tried to have a go at some reflecting light, but I wasnt happy with the results so I got rid of it.

Hopefully it gets into Q3 as I have never had anything go in game before. Cant wait to gib that sucka with a nice rocket to the face!!

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nice work Makk, the face really caught my eye when i was skimming through that thread on polycount. ill do a version of my own some day, already downloaded the SDK :)

if you wanted to work on it any further(i know its been a week since the SDK was posted on polycount) , id say put some stiching in the fabric and maybe even a fabric texture multiplied over the top. it does look like some sort of fabric, but its a little ambiguous at the moment.

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Just a small update, the ppm has now been released.
You can grab it from here-

Here are some screengrabs of how mine turned out in game

Its been really cool to actually see something that you done in game :)

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haha , sweet [:I]

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awesome makk, dont suppose you have a copy of the game yourself? thats a lot of fun, blowing up your own characters :P

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yeah, though it doesnt have any bots. But still fun seeing it run around in game though

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Awesome work Makk, looks sweet as. Keep it up please.

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Nice Work Makk!

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Hey mark,

Very nice work. Your getting way better.

I see that sumea challenge is coming up. You better finish this time and come up with something kick arse.

Sorry havent been on MSN. Im working in Japan right now.... I will get internet soon so message me when you get the chance.


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Heya Chris :)
Good to hear from you. Hope things are going well in the land of the rising sun :)
Yep, we should catch up over MSN sometime.