holy guacamole!

another generic female soldier with a big metal hand! yep
like my last character, i picked materials that i havent painted before. rubber, wood, steel and wool

2885 triangles (not including weapon), 2x 512 diffuse maps

max viewport screenie, 100% self illuminated

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oooh coming along really nice mate :) Nice design.
I really like how youve painted her top, some nice folds in there. Metalwork is llokn good too. Interested to see where you are going to giver her the different materials. Painting the wool I think will be hard.
Are you going to do something with her forearms? at the moment they look rather thick.
But yeah, Im really digging this, keep it up :)

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thanks Makk, the front of her top is meant to be wool, i guess i failed haha.


the large shield on her leg will be in the same style as the large shield on her arm

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another update to soil your eyes! dont look away


all forms of critique accepted

input on the design would be AWESOME

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black rubber usually a bit shinier eh?

design is good, i think you doing a bit much of this belts in wierd positions thing though, I imagine having a belt there would be awkward as hell, would spend half the battle trying to make sure your belt stays up...
Interested to see what that crazy lookin weapon turns into...

I love the face, awesome painting, she look like cold evil bitch... I think the wool looks plenty like wool too...

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lol! upon closer inspection it actually does look like wool. I didnt look hard enough! :) :P
Agreed with the crit about the belt.

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good point necrobator666, so i made it ride up on her rear upper thigh :)

i put a piece of cloth to the sword to add a little 'not-brown'


i know the pants and leg shield look like poo, and i gotta dirty up those boots some. the whole thing is a work in progress :)

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fuk, no the belt was better, don't listen to necro, dun hav a clue wat the fuk he thinks hes on about,

dudes wore belts like that in to battle, chiks do it as a fasion thing, and it looks cooler on the model.

But yea mate thats fukn hot, id go her for sure. metal looks rad.

edit = woops church posted sumthn daft on me,clown.

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saw this one over cgtalk way - looking good so far.

I'd suggest balancing out the contrast in her face compared to the rest of her, and also I don't know if it's just the renders but the recent ones she looks slightly cross-eyed.