Developing games for the iPhone?

Well, if you have not seen the iPhone, your missing out on some very sweet Apple technology. (If you have not seen it, check out the key note at OR )

Now I?m not an Apple fan boy by any means - hell my ipod even hates me, but what I would like to express to the Australian community is - Who and how will you develop for this new OSX Powered extended PDA device?


Edit - It seems to be that EA Has control over the iPod - and hence iPhone games market, if you want to step up, Mitch Lasky, the head of EA's mobile games is the guy to jump on.amckern2007-01-16 00:15:53

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I've never been much of a mobile phone buff - I managed to hang on to my old phone for years (monochrome display, no pictures / music / camera / calendar or any of that fancy schmancy stuff) which I finally retired last year. Just for your information, it broke . My friends are always updating their mobile phones to get the latest and greatest models, and I've never quite understood why they wouldn't just stick with what they already had.

But when I saw what Apply did with the iphone - I was amazed. Having heard nothing of Apple's plans for a mobile phone, I thought they'd just bring out some typical phone model, brand it with the Apple logo, and enable it to use iTunes. What they've revealed however went way beyond my expectations, and for the first time, I'm now interested in mobile phones. Well, the iPhone in particular, anyway. I'm sure all the big mobile phone companies out there are wondering why they didn't come up with some of the new features the iPhone has. And it's funny that you mentioned it being a PDA device, because it certainly offers so much more than what your typical phone would.

As for games, well the Nintendo DS has shown that there are some great possibilities for really quick and fun touchscreen games akin to Nintendogs, Brain age etc. I'm certain the iPhone has the potential to be a considerable handheld game platform.

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it does, but at the same price as a playstation 3? the people buying the iPhone arent buying it for games.

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Im developing on the Unity engine which is apple native. We're quietly crossing our fingers that we can get in on the action but the developers are a bit hush hush. The good news for us is that Nintendo have opened the door to us for dev on the Wii. Theres a programming job at if anyone has nintendo programming experience...We at the Unity forum are stoked, as you can imagine...