Spanish Cathedral WIP

THis is something i had started long time ago for my demoreel, but havent had much time to spare since i started working,... now that i have some spare time on my hands, I thought to showing it on the forums to get some c&c...


picpoc's picture

model looks nice, can't wait to see it textured. i've checked your website and i know it's gonna look great once it's finished. just one thing the lower part of the building looks a bit plane compare to the top, maybe u could add some more details there

rocker123 11's picture

thnx picpoc... yes i am gonna add more detailing to the entire thing...there is still lots of model still...

MoonUnit's picture

I can tell theres a lot more detail to come, its looking really great. I like it that youve made some attempts to keep it from being too repeated with adding a little damage to the mesh grids. Should be a great piece :)

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It's coming along great, rocker. Some very nice detail in there!