Is this website safe and secure?


I am a new member.

I get an error message in Safari and Chrome (on my Mac) in the URL address bar that says this site is not secure.

I also see that the URL doesn't start with an 'https://...' secure hypertext protocol prefix and is without any padlock icon.

Does this mean our login details can be captured?



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While we've never had a data breach in the 18 years the site's been up, you're right, the site hasn't been set up with a secure protocol yet. My advice is to not to re-use a password you use elsewhere here. I have plans to develop tsumea further into a specific direction and this issue should be fixed during that work, but it'll have to wait a bit until I've finished my gamedev project or if I can find a bit of time.

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I guess the only thing secret is the password - everything else is publicly accessible (name, examples of work).

And good password-practice is always good advice.

Thanks souri