Sega Creative Assembly is Hiring!

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Leading developer Sega Studios is looking for Senior Animators, a Senior Graphics Programmer, a Tools Programmer, a Producer and a QA Manager for The Creative Assembly office in Brisbane, Australia.

Well known for being leaders in the strategy genre, successful applicants will have the chance to work on The Creative Assembly's ambitious next-gen titles, and be part of a world famous team who have consistency shipped No.1 best selling titles in the past. Check out our impressive history and collection of previous accolades at

Senior Animators

As with any animation role, talent and core animation skills are a prerequisite.

For Senior roles we are looking for at least 3 yrs experience, and or 2 published titles. We will also require at least one of the following:

? Experience in working with an animation pipeline, being responsible for the animation process right through from the 3D software into game.
? Good knowledge of the cinematic process, including editing, compositing and directing.
? Excellent understanding of motion capture, from studio to mapping in game characters.
? A good technical understanding of animation, experience in rigging, scripting and batching files.
? Experience in working with facial animation, face rigs and lip syncing software.

We will also consider motion capture technical animators. If you have good experience in working with motion capture and understand the processes involved from setting up capture space rigs, using cameras, using mocap software, dealing with motion capture file formats and taking data through motionbuilder then we would also like to hear from you.


Senior Graphics Programmer


? 5+ years of experience in the games industry
? Extensive experience in designing and implementing lighting/rendering/visibility models
? Expert knowledge of DirectX 3D API, Playstation 3 or Xbox360 graphics libraries
? Expert knowledge of HSLS/Cg shading languages
? Expert knowledge of performance optimisation techniques
? Solid 3D math skills
? Demonstrated knowledge of good software engineering practices
? Good communication skills
? Bachelor of Comp Science / IT / Engineering or equivalent

Highly desired skills:

? Console experience ? Xbox 360 or PS3
? Knowledge of DirectX 10 API


Tools Programmer


? Games industry experience
? Expert knowledge of Win32 API and .Net Framework
? Good knowledge of XML technologies
? Solid C++ skills
? Excellent communication skills
? Demonstrated knowledge of good software engineering practices
? Bachelor of Comp Science / IT / Engineering or equivalent

Highly desired skills:

? Experience in writing 3DS Max plugins
? Knowledge of Visual Basic for Applications
? Console experience ? Xbox 360 or PS3
? Knowledge of DirectX 10 API



We are looking for a talented and experienced Producer. The ideal candidate must be capable of managing internal and external parties and will be driven by results. They must understand the principles of production and demands of deadlines and budgets.

Responsibilities include:

? Establishing and managing relationships with external parties (artists, mo-cap studio, recording studio, voice talent, agents, etc.)
? Managing internal relationships and ensuring good and constant communication between a number of groups (Audio, Cinematics, Localisation, Production Cell etc.)
? Creating and maintaining development schedules
? Determining deadlines for internal and external parties to provide deliverables
? Coordinating and tracking the progress of internal and external resources to meet production schedules
? Pro-actively identifying development risks and issues and recommending solutions
? Reporting development progress to management; highlighting problems and presenting options
? Main point of contact for other departments for your area in relation to milestone deliverables, timely information on key dates, and general development issues.
? Monitor expenditure of external parties


? Operational and project management experience with teams of 20 people +
? In-depth understanding of the disciplines involved in games development
? A very high degree of organisation and attention to detail
? Ability to work well and negotiate with people from all disciplines
? Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
? Adjusts quickly to changing priorities, remains open minded to new information and approaches, quick to learn and apply new concepts
? Capable of balancing a project's creative, visual and technical requirements with scheduling and staff limitations/constraints
? Maintain a good understanding of the project design requirements
? Working knowledge of standard project management tools/software
? Audio, art or other asset creation experience is a plus


QA Manager

Key duties include:

? Leading a scalable QA department including three QA leads
? Continual revision of methods, tools and concepts employed by the QA teams
? Managing the final delivery process for the development team including prioritisation and communication of outstanding issues
? Communicating and coordinating with external testing teams
? Working closely with the producers and department leads to meet milestone deliverables
? Establishing a creative and productive environment through effective team coaching
? Regular appraisals of the team's individual performances, guiding them to continuous personal development
? Working closely in alignment with the company's overall business strategy
? Building excellent working relationships with all staff and working with team leaders to ensure the highest possible quality
? Optimising and maintaining QA processes, including bug-tracking management

Essential requirements:

? Previous QA Manager experience having shipped at least two AAA titles.
? A thorough understanding of QA methodologies
? Good working knowledge of TCR & TRC for next-gen consoles
? Proven time and project management skills with demonstrable ability in handling multiple responsibilities concurrently whilst working well under deadline pressure
? Excellent written and verbal communication skills with the ability to communicate enthusiastically, clearly and concisely to groups and individuals
? Solid problem-solving ability and insightful approach to new challenges
? Great attention to detail allied to awareness of the bigger picture

Also useful:

? Degree level education or equivalent experience
? Language skills other than English
? Basic understanding of game scripting languages
? Games for Windows compliance experience

Salary is negotiable, depending on experience, plus excellent benefits package.