Level Designer games job in NSW

Job Position: 

I'm not sure which developer this job ad is for (it might be for Microforte or Perception perhaps?), but there is a job opening for a level designer in NSW.

"This is a rare opportunity to be involved in creating exciting action style missions that take place in an evolving world of intrigue - complete with bustling cities, treacherous frontier settlements, abandoned compounds, and eerie, robotic constructs that delve deep into the earth. Your level designs will feed the mission generation system sending players on assignments such as installation rushes, hostage rescues and stealthy infiltrations. Your understanding of gameplay and your ability to configure and tune level layouts, will work to bring the architecture, props, lighting, event triggers and AI scripting together into a fun, atmospheric experience. You will be using assets created by the artists and do not need texturing or modeling skills. You will work under direction of the Lead Designer. You will need to have the ability to design in a collaborative environment, contributing and evaluating ideas in both your own, and your co-workers, levels."

2c3295&BroadLoc=1&SessionID=488531252&print=0&LocText=&PostCode=&SurArea=&FPTCode=&NewJobs=&Indig=&JobCard=&NewApp=&GreenCorp=&Keywords=&DefArea=&RefKW=&jnm=&DefJobType=&GovDept=&GovClass=&JobTenure=&NumMJL=0&CommJobs=0&CurPage=4&TotalRec=182&JobPos=67&JobID=52307370&SortDir=0&SortField=0&">The agency ad here, and a copy of the ad in the forum here.. Found on Zgeek.


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  • 1. Joseph Tarbey - Fri, 24 Feb 2006 12:3:29Z