QA Analyst required at Team Bondi

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Team Bondi is an independent game development company based in Sydney, Australia. Headed up by Brendan McNamara and featuring a team of seasoned games professionals, Team Bondi will produce next-generation console titles.

We are offering a quality salary and lifestyle package to the right individuals.

We are looking for an experienced QA Analyst. The successful candidate will have been involved in the QA process within video game development and preferably shipped a console title. Attention to detail and methodical work practices are key.

This is a 3 months contract position (ending at the end of December 2010)

If you think you can take on the challenge, drop us a line at

Role & Responsibilities

  • Identify problems with the game and log them into the database
  • Work directly with Design, Code and Art Teams to provide immediate test support
  • Contribute to the upkeep and maintenance of the bug database

Required Skills

  • Previous experience in testing software within game development (Lead Analyst or higher a plus)
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Outstanding attention to detail
  • Well organised and efficient
  • As we are at the finishing stages of the project, the ability to be able to commit to long hours is essential.


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I worked at Team Bondi and I could identify a tonne of problems with the game. Should be an easy job.

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My problem is that it's in sydney.. i hate sydney!

that, and i would have to move there, and i wouldn't move anywhere for a 3 month contract. I love games, i love working on them, but i don't love it THAT much.

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It ends December 2010, it's already mid-October, so 2.5 months (assuming it starts immediately). If it takes them a couple of weeks to fill, then that's only 2 months.

To the previous poster though - Sydney could use more game jobs (even if short-term contract), how do you think Sydneysiders feel about every opening in Melbourne?