Lead Designer for Krome Studios

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* Minimum four years of professional game development experience
* Minimum of one AAA PS2, Xbox, or Gamecube (or some combination thereof) title shipped in Lead Design role


Lead Responsibilities:
* Maintain a full understanding of the project requirements, and continually work with the Producer to ensure completion within schedule/milestones
* Work with the Producer/Publisher to establish, maintain and implement the vision for the game
* Produce and effectively communicate all required design-specific documentation for the project, including the General Design Document, product-specific material, level-maps or similar graphic representations for the design, detailed character and asset profiles,
* Work closely with the Producer and Publisher to establish, clarify, determine and represent scope and vision
* Liaise with the Producer, project team and Quality Assurance department to ensure that the product meets the desired levels of quality in gameplay and design

* Provide focus on the game's core mechanics and fun, involving and rewarding game play
* Liaise directly with the Lead Artist and Lead Programmer to represent the vision and design specifications for the product
* Manage and provide direction, motivation and leadership to the project’s design team
* Ensure that design has considered all aspects and requirements for continuity, connectivity, objectives and thematic style
* Ensure that QA feedback on gameplay is incorporated into the design (ie non-bug issues like gameplay balance etc)
* Ensure that Focus Testing feedback is examined and incorporated into the design
* Ensure that personal work is meeting all standards (checking work, check-in procedures, build checklists etc)
* Perform additional tasks as requested

Skills, Knowledge and Experience:
* Strong background in game design, with exceptional knowledge of the discipline
* Professional writing skills; able to write extensive documentation of all types
* Strong verbal and communication skills
* Able to talk easily with designers with different specialisations as well as programmers and artists
* Able to understand the tools the design team uses and able to assist others in learning them
* Extensive knowledge of games both past and present
* Intense creativity and a passion to innovate, going above and beyond existing game designs and advancing the medium.
* Able to take direction.

Applications can be emailed to humanresources@kromestudios.com or sent to:

Human Resources Manager
Krome Studios
P.O. Box 1639
Fortitude Valley QLD 4006